FemmWork is a physical co-working space provided to members for…


We are not only a working network of Influential women, we are a social outlet and input for others. Expand your FemmFluence.


We work on ourselves and our businesses through a variety of personal and professional development topics and speakers.


FemmFluencers have access to our Member Only and our Open FemmTrips. Work Retreats and R&R Retreats add to our experiences at home and give us time to reflect on our goals.

[Femm (e) + (in) fluence]

FemmFluence is a working web of women that connect, learn and travel together. We are nationwide. We are international. We are local. We are broad. We are specific. We are open-minded. We are powerful. We are travelers. We are friends, We are nomads. We are femmads.

FemmFluence women work, travel and influence each other through a local network of people that they can trust, brainstorm with, rely on to connect - professionally and socially, reach out to in a time of need. Femmfluencers are members of a small community. We are active, engaged, and understand that we also play a part in our larger community - locally and globally.

FemmFluence promotes and facilitates these interactions through a series of influence (networking) events, travel / international trips, offering a coworking space, and promoting and facilitating social gatherings and outings.


Find your strength...

FemmFluence Members are life long learners, fempreneurs, femfessionals, femm from home workers.

We are on a journey - not only to new physical destinations, but on a journey to our best selves, using the strength of our Femmfluence.