Meet the Team

FemmFluence is a coworking, networking, events and travel company run by women, for women.
Our goal is to create a comfortable space for women to come together through various events,
to help educate and inspire them, both profession and social.

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Brook Ramirez


Brook is the Founder of FemmFluence. She is energized, and inspired by, people. These inspirations come through travel, life-long learning, and recognizing that everyone has a story to tell, and something to teach, if only you are paying attention. In her place as the current owner of Madrona Hill Café, she set out to revive a struggling business, and to create a fun, friendly, approachable environment, that engages with the community. As the business grew, Brook was deciding on how to best utilize Madrona’s space in the evenings, and how to spread the ethos behind Madrona to another business: To serve a need in a fresh, unconventional and approachable way. She decided to combine her love of learning, of business development and what she saw as a growing need in the community: to connect, and support, the growth and interactions of emerging female leaders. FemmFluence is that coming together in the journey of women. Brook’s journey also includes being a traveler, a sister, an auntie, a good listener, a reader of classics, a hiker, and a relentless sun-seeker.

Hannah Miller

Outreach Strategist

Hannah Miller is the Outreach Strategist for FemmFluence. She is an Oregonian who grew up in the historic small coastal town of Astoria, Oregon. Her passions include books, coffee and building her community. Hannah graduated from Portland State University in 2018 with a degree in English, though she feels that learning is a life-long process. Joining FemmFluence was proposed to Hannah through her boss at the time, Brook. The prospect of working for a company that focused on supporting women, founded by a woman who had already shown support for Hannah, made perfect sense. Hannah brings her diverse work history, problem solving skills and hunger to learn, to the table. In her free time, you can find Hannah tackling new works of literature at wine bars across Portland or spending time with her family and friends in Astoria.


Our Approach

At FemmFluence, we hope to show. To be shown. To share. To engage. To wander. To seek. To laugh. To learn. And most of all to influence other women to do the same within their world. Their circles of influence.

Our Story

Hannah and Brook met at Madrona Hill. As Hannah's professional skills and inherent talents grew in her role at Madrona, so too, did Brook's love for peoples' stories, and business development. As we each pursued the things that are important to us, a seed sprouted. We feel so fortunate to be able to cultivate this company that will focus on supporting the growth and education of emerging female leaders.

Find your Passion...

FemmFluence Members are life long learners, femmpreneurs, femmfessionals, femm from home workers.

We are on a journey - not only to new physical destinations, but on a journey to our best selves, using the strength of our Femmfluence.